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Bradley Schnickel grew up in a small town just outside of Minneapolis, MN, called New Prague. He met his beautiful wife while earning his Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the University of Michigan. After getting married in 2003, they welcomed their son Bradley Schnickel Jr.

Being fascinated with traveling since a child, Bradley Schnickel decided to pursue a career as a Travel Advisor. He and his family enjoy traveling around the globe whenever they get the chance. They have traveled to Europe, taken family vacations here in the states, explored all of the theme parks, and have been on many cruises throughout the Caribbean. In his blog, Brad Schnickel will offer tips and tricks on how to save you valuable time and money.

Bradley Schnickel has over fifteen years of experience in the field. Brad Schnickel understands how stressful it can be to plan you and your family's dream vacation while maintaining a specific budget. Travel Advisors help make travel arrangements, reserve lodging and/or transportation at the destination, create travel schedules, and provide information concerning attractions, weather, and travel requirements.

Anniversary, Honeymoon, Family Vacation, or any reason is a great reason to book your next getaway! If you're more of the spontaneous type, you're also in luck as last-minute deals offer significant savings. You deserve the help and first-class service that Travel Advisors like Bradley Schnickel can provide.

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Travel Tips So You Can Travel Easy In 2021
April 4, 2021

Brad Schnickel Gives Insider Travel Tips So You Can Travel Easy In 2021

Brad Schnickel, an experienced travel coordinator, gives advice to individuals and families planning to travel outside the country.   Brad Schnickel has over fifteen years of insider experience in the travel field. Not to mention that he and his family travel together regularly. He has compiled a few tips to help clients and other travelers. […]

How Traveling During the Pandemic Works to Your Benefit
April 2, 2021

Bradley Schnickel Explains How Traveling During the Pandemic Works to Your Benefit

Bradley Schnickel is a travel advisor and explains how traveling during the pandemic works to your benefit. If you practice safe travel and follow the CDC guidelines, you can have a great time traveling.   If you have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus, you obviously should still wear your mask, especially in states where it […]

Bradley Schnickel (30)
March 16, 2021

Bradley Schnickel On Tips for Making Travel Arrangements

Bradley Schnickel is a travel advisor in Minneapolis, MN. He is known for helping to broker value-laden, affordable excursions to locations both foreign and domestic. Many of his loyal patrons look to him for booking and travel arrangements, as well as to provide key information on weather, attractions, package deals, and travel requirements – trusting […]

Brad Schnickel (20)
March 8, 2021

Brad Schnickel Explains Why Aging Whiskey is Important

Brad Schnickel loves whiskey. It is one of his favorite alcoholic beverages. He has enjoyed many kinds of whiskey in his life and has a vast understanding of what it takes to make whiskey. Thankfully, Brad Schnickel is here to explain some complexities of why you want to age whiskey to get the best flavor. […]

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