Bradley Schnickel On Tips for Making Travel Arrangements

Bradley Schnickel

March 16, 2021

Bradley Schnickel (30)

Bradley Schnickel is a travel advisor in Minneapolis, MN. He is known for helping to broker value-laden, affordable excursions to locations both foreign and domestic. Many of his loyal patrons look to him for booking and travel arrangements, as well as to provide key information on weather, attractions, package deals, and travel requirements – trusting Bradley Schnickel to deliver value and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


We asked Bradley what are some things that everyone who is making their own travel arrangements should know. Here’s what he had to say.


Bradley Schnickel: Tips for Making Travel Arrangements

There’s a reason professional travel agents exist, Bradley Schnickel cautions. Booking flights, accessing accommodations, and getting the most out of your time abroad can be tricky. Cultural and legal differences can be confusing and troublesome. What’s more, companies that cater to travelers are always on the prowl to maximize profits at the expense of the traveler. It’s the job of the travel agent to help vacationers navigate these perils. But for those who insist on making their own travel arrangements, Bradley Schnickel has some words of advice.

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Be Aware of Online Bounce-Back Deals

While shopping for travel services online when customers view a given site, navigate away and then return, they will often be presented with deals they didn’t see on the first visit. This is because tracking scripts have detected the fact that the shopper needs more convincing to spend their money on that travel company. This is a great reason not to buy at the first travel service website you visit, and to visit as many as you reasonably can while searching for services.


Look for Peak Season Packages

Travel agencies often negotiate rates with hotels and airlines to create more attractive deals for travelers during the peak seasons. For the best chance of accessing these special seasonal deals, book accommodations and flight tickets all at once. If you’re working with a travel company that does not bundle discount deals, look for one that does.


Don’t be Dazzled by Low Up-Front Prices

You may be seduced by low upfront rates used to lure unwary travelers in. If the price for your flight and hotel seems too good to be true, Bradley Schnickel says, they probably are. That doesn’t mean good deals don’t exist. But if you jump at a surprisingly low price, you’re likely to get surprisingly poor service and accommodations.


Consider Travel Insurance

Travel equals adventure, and adventure is inseparable from risk. Even on the most amenable of excursions, it is possible to leave a wallet or computer behind. You may be injured on a jungle hike, or any number of other unexpected things can happen. That’s why it’s always a good idea to pay for some coverage. The idea is to make lasting memories that you will look back on fondly, and travelers’ insurance can help make that happen.


Bradley Schnickel says he understands why travelers might fall into some of the common pitfalls of vacationing. But that’s why professionals like Bradley Schnickel exist, help see you through the unforeseeable.