Bradley Schnickel Offers Tips for Vacationing With Teens

Bradley Schnickel

September 29, 2021

Bradley Schnickel Offers Tips for Vacationing With Teens

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Traveling with your teenage children can be as challenging as traveling with your toddlers. Neither age group likes the word “no”, but teenagers are more accepting of the word.


Let’s look at some great tips to make sure your vacation with your teenage children is enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons.


Trip Activities


Before you even leave the house, make sure your teen is allowed to take activities to keep them busy during the transportation part of your trip. Nowadays, more and more parents are opting for electronic free vacations and that includes I-phones and Ipads.


With all due respect, you cannot seriously expect your teens to be cut off from their friends, social media, games, and the world. However, you can limit the amount of time they spend on their phones once you arrive at your destination. As for the trip there and back, do yourself a favor and all the other passengers in your car or on your flight and allow them unlimited use.




Compromising goes a long way in a lot of different situations, so traveling fits right in. I’m not suggesting you let your teen decide where you will be vacationing, but allow them to have some say about where you go and what you do while on vacation. If you’re at a stalemate and a decision about the activities, restaurants, shopping, etc. is causing a ruckus, then make compromises.


Do Things Your Teen Will Enjoy


If your teens love the beach, amusement parks, etc., even if you despise them, agree on at least half a day to be spent doing something your teen enjoys. After all, adults (parents and teens) rarely enjoy the same things and they are going to spend a lot more time doing what you want.


Bring a Friend


By allowing your teenager to bring a friend along on vacation, you’re doing something great for both of you. Your teenagers will love to have a friend along to talk to and enjoy their company. The parents, on the other hand, will also enjoy not listening to their teen complain about how bored they are or what a stupid vacation you planned.


Include Your Teen in the Decisions


You don’t have to include your teen in every decision you make, but include them in the dining, shopping, or simple hotel activities or short outings. Allowing them to have some say in what you do and where you go will make them happy and feel like their opinion matters.


Follow these tips above and you will have a great vacation whether you go to Greece or a campground!