Bradley Schnickel Explains How Traveling During the Pandemic Works to Your Benefit

Bradley Schnickel

April 2, 2021

How Traveling During the Pandemic Works to Your Benefit BJ Schnickel (6)

Bradley Schnickel is a travel advisor and explains how traveling during the pandemic works to your benefit. If you practice safe travel and follow the CDC guidelines, you can have a great time traveling.


If you have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus, you obviously should still wear your mask, especially in states where it is mandatory. Continue to practice safe distancing and carry and use your hand sanitizer just as you have done for the past year.


If you have received your vaccinations traveling by plane will be easier and put your mind to rest. If you have not been vaccinated, then traveling with household members by car is ideal.


Choosing Your Travel Destination


Bradley Schnickel says keeping everything you know about Covid-19 in mind, whether you have been vaccinated or not, may have an impact on where your destination ends up being.


As a responsible adult, you’re likely not going to take your unvaccinated children to a crowded place. Disney World is not an ideal vacation spot for unvaccinated people. However, if you have been vaccinated, this is the perfect time to go to the “Happiest Place on Earth,” and here’s why-


  • Airfare is at an all-time low.
  • Hotels are booking deluxe suites for less than half the regular price to fill the rooms and make some money.
  • Disney World and other huge corporate amusement parks are still charging the same admission prices as pre-COVID-19. However, the parks are not filled to their allotted capacity. Therefore, your two-hour wait in line just became a 20-minute wait.
  • I always dreamed of going to Hawaii. Now is a perfect time. The beaches are not crowded, nor is anything else.
  • Traveling Outside the United States


As long as the county you want to visit allows international travel, you could go anywhere you want. Because again, airfare and hotels are at an all-time low. Remember to check and make sure events you may want to see, like the “Running of the Bulls,” is still occurring. Many places have shut down during the pandemic and have yet to reopen, and don’t believe everything you see on a website. Call the place directly to ask your questions. Many businesses have not updated their websites, and sadly many businesses have gone out of business.


Bradley Schnickel advises there are still some vacation spots that are worth avoiding, and they would be overcrowded beaches and cities during spring and summer break. Cruises may also fit into the avoidance section as they are not dropping their prices, and some of the amenities, such as swimming pools, buffets, etc., may not be open/available because of covid-19.