Bradley Schnickel Expects The Travel Industry to Shift as Covid-19 Management Increases

Bradley Schnickel

April 27, 2021

Bradley Schnickel Expects The Travel Industry to Shift as Covid-19 Management Increases

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, there was a strong slowdown in travel due to health concerns and border closures by many nations. Bradley Schnickel is a travel advisor based in the Minneapolis area that has some thoughts on how the transition back to normalcy will evolve. He graciously gave us a little time and some thoughts to put this piece together for travelers looking to see new places as pandemic restrictions recede.


From A Travel Advisors POV

Conditions have changed considerably from before the pandemic compared to this phase of reduction we are currently in as vaccines are dispensed. Consulting a travel advisor like Bradley Schnickel is a good way to get a better grasp on how policies have shifted over the last few years around the globe. Luckily he is willing to give us a few words on the topic.


“Before Covid, most countries had fairly reliable Customs processes that travelers could expect to operate in a mostly predictable way. That was true particularly for frequent travelers.”, said Schnickel, who then added, “Now there are places that require a two-week quarantine phase whenever you arrive. That is a big requirement for a lot of folks. Not every trip or opportunity can afford that sort of time.”


Those people that leave the country will be looking for a range of activities as restrictions lift. Finding good values and making people aware of the opportunities is the role of any good travel advisor. It is good to have the inside track, Schnickel gave us a few words on his passion for the career.


“I’m excited to get back out there and see the sights, and to be able to offer people affordable options gained from someone else’s experience in that place. I think conversational recommendations mean so much more than a few pictures and words online. Hopefully, travel advisors like me can give people the sort of insights we have been for years. Can’t wait to see what sort of whiskeys I find in my travels.”, Bradley commented.


Sure, the industry is shifting but the ability to get high-quality information never goes out of style. That is the value of a travel advisor. Do not be afraid to reach out to professionals online or in social networking groups to get additional perspective about the specific places you intend to visit.


Coming Back Around to Home

Hopefully, this has helped you to get a better understanding of how traveling has shifted through the pandemic. You will want to look up the specific restrictions for wherever you intend to visit. Always do your research about other countries’ policies and if the areas you will be passing through have additional requirements. That is the best way to ensure a great time and get back home safe again.