Brad Schnickel Gives Insider Travel Tips So You Can Travel Easy In 2021

Bradley Schnickel

April 4, 2021

Travel Tips So You Can Travel Easy In 2021 - BJ Schnickel (6)

Brad Schnickel, an experienced travel coordinator, gives advice to individuals and families planning to travel outside the country.


Brad Schnickel has over fifteen years of insider experience in the travel field. Not to mention that he and his family travel together regularly. He has compiled a few tips to help clients and other travelers.


Brad Schnickel’s Tips for Currency Conversion

Calculating currency exchange rates can turn your traveling dream into a nightmare. Brad Schnickel suggests downloading a conversion rate app onto your phone so that you can easily calculate the exchange rate for any two currencies.


Need Tips on Tipping? Here’s What Brad Schnickel Suggests

As with most things nowadays, there’s an app for that. You can brush up on local tipping customs by doing some simple research on the internet. There are also apps they can help you remember the average tipping rates in different countries. When all else fails, ask a local — just maybe not the one that you’re tipping.


Tech Devices That Make Traveling Easier Per Brad Schnickel

These days, having access to a really good phone can provide much of the tech support you need while traveling. Want to take a picture? Pull out your trusty Android or iPhone to snap interesting experiences you can upload in real-time. Lost? Pull up a map on your phone to help you get your bearings.


Brad Schnickel always reminds clients to ensure they have the right equipment to charge their phones. Electrical standards vary from country to country, so it’s important to invest in an adapter or and sure that your phone is compatible with local electrical codes.


Invest in a virtual private network that can help you prevent hacking and other unauthorized access to your data. Also, Brad Schnickel reminds travelers to back up the data on their phones and computer. That way, if the device is lost or stolen, your critical data is still accessible through the cloud.


Remember to make your passwords as random and difficult to guess as possible to avoid the theft of your sensitive data.


Brad Schnickel Highly Recommends Creating a Packing List

When you create a packing list, you’re much more likely to remember the essential items and not spend your vacation funds on day-to-day essentials. Besides, who wants to take time out of an awesome vacation to buy toiletries?


Health and Safety Tips From Avid Traveler Brad Schnickel

Getting sick can really dampen the best-laid vacation plans. Even though you want to try out all the local cuisine and adult beverages, it’s important to consider the impact of unusual foods on your body. As much as possible, try to maintain your sleeping habits and keep stress to a minimum, according to travel professional Brad Schnickel.